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 Graphic Design Contest

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Wtf Zezima
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PostSubject: Graphic Design Contest   Wed Apr 22, 2009 10:59 pm

~~Locked~~And Closed~~Contest Over~~

~~~Attention all of you ZeroPkz players~~~
Wtf Zezima is now hosting a graphic design contest!

The point of the contest is to get new skill "icons" for our upcomming v2 client. It is very simple to make these "icons". What you have to do is make one of the numerous skills for runescape (fishing, runecrafting, prayer, etc..).

--All designs must be completely original. (No copy/paste Elvemage)
--The designs must be creative.
--Designs will be graded on overall appeal, creativity, originality, and well of course it must resemble the skill.
--It must fit a bit frame of 40 pixels by 40 pixels and no smaller than 30 pixels by 30 pixels.
--Entries must be submitted into this topic by reply no later than May 15th.
--See "Client Skills" for more info!

Winner will recieve a Purple Phat, and a Designer Rank on the forum!
Good luck and Have fun painting!

Tips for making the icons:

--Use the Paint Option to color with
--Zoom into 800% to see what you are doing!
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Graphic Design Contest
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